Tobira Japanese Pittosporum

Dark green, leathery, evergreen foliage; fragrant, ancient, creamy yellow spring flowers with a fragrance like orange blossoms; plus a broad, dense habit have made it a popular plant in western and southern gardens for displays, massed plantings, borders, and as foundation plantings. It is helpful or trained as a small, crooked-stemmed tree.

Are available for confronting soil covers and plants. In case there is a hedge desired yet, another selection is suggested–although regular light pinching can help maintain a compact habit, this pittosporum doesn’t react well to hard pruning or pruning. Allowed to grow it is usually wider and reaches at 6 to 15 feet in height. Fairly drought-resistant, it nevertheless appreciates water and an yearly fertilization that is light. Scale and aphids could be a problem. Medium shade to full sun is best, even though it tolerates colour that is dense well.