Many Shades of Success

Shade in the yard need not be a deterrent to gardening. Simply consider shade gardening an asset, rather than a problem to overcome, and you will easily produce an attractive outdoor environment. To help gardeners solve their shade problems, we have taken an honest look at both the positive and the negative aspects of shade, and offer suggestions on ways to capitalize on the best features and to minimize the problems. Here is all the information you will need for gardening in the shade with dappled sunlight under tall trees, or in an area of deep shade created by walls and overhangs. We help you identify what type of shade is present in your garden, and outline the basic needs of shade plants and how to meet those needs.

There are ways to reduce the amount of shade to allow more sunlight and air circulation into the garden. And if you want to add shade to your garden, we offer suggestions on ways to create it with shade structures, and also present a brief review of the best shade tress.