It’s grown not for its blooms but for its leaves that were eye-catching although this Southamerican tuber does produce little pink blossoms. The arrow or heart-shaped leaves edged are veined, or mottled in several variants of pink, red, green, silver, and white. The crops grow about one foot tall and improve flower bed or any shrub edge. For incorporating colour on verandas and verandas, in addition they make good container plants.

Caladium x bortulanum, fancy- leaved caladiums, therefore are hardy outdoors just in Zone 10, and develop best in warm humid places. In other zones they have been grown as annuals that are dug up just before the fall frost and stored for the winter. When little leaves appear, transplant the young crops to 4-to 7-inch diameter containers, and move them outside when the weather is reliably warm (above 70°F).
Caladiums develop equally well in light or dense shade, and prefer a well-drained soil that is kept evenly moist. To keep plants that are attractive also to encourage new, vibrant leaves, take off any dead leaves in the bottom of the leafstalk.